Moturoa AFC 

The purpose of the Moturoa AFC Code of Conduct is to encourage fair and ethical treatment of all club members: administrators, players, coaches, managers, volunteers, parents and visitors to the club. Obviously some sections of the Code will be more applicable to some persons and groups than others.

All persons will agree to abide by the Moturoa AFC Code of Conduct and acknowledge that any breach of the Code of Conduct, or any part of it, may result in disciplinary action from the Club Committee.

Moturoa AFC expects all club based employees, members, administrators, associates, coaches, players, volunteers and parents or guardians to understand the possible consequences of breaching the Code of Conduct and ensure that they abide by the Code.

The following Code of Conduct applies to all Moturoa AFC members and persons participating in events or representing Moturoa AFC (games, fundraising, ventures).

• Members are expected to respect the rights, dignity and worth of others

• Members will be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others

• Members will be professional in, and accept responsibility for own actions

• All members should make a commitment to providing quality service and performance

• Immediately report any breaches of Moturoa AFC Code of Conduct to the Committee

• Refrain from any form of abuse towards others – verbal, physical, emotional, discrimination

• Members will endeavour to refrain from using any obscene language

• Members must obey and respect the rules laid down by any event organisers at the venue they are participating at.

• All members will recognise, promote and abide to the clubs Alcohol and Host responsibility policy

• All members will reject drugs, racism, violence and other dangers to our sport

• All active members will promote the interests of football as outlined by the NZFC

• Actively provide a safe environment for the conduct of activity offered by Moturoa AFC

• All members should show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured

• All members, regardless of their role in the club will be a positive role model, when applicable

• Do not provide comment to any media, or publish any comment to Central Football or media unless previously organised through the club committee

• Members must never act in any way that may bring disrepute or disgrace to Moturoa AFC members, its stakeholders and/or its sponsors and/or potential sponsors

• Members are to adhere to all Safety instructions and regulations

• Members must respect the environment


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